Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Barroom Blitz!

In which the group is reintroduced to my friendly demeanor

We’re in Olfden now, I guess.

As we were heading out of our inn a drunk came up to me to ask me a bleary eyed question.

“Do I know you? You look familiar,” he said.

“No,” I responded flatly.

“Is this you?” he asked and pulled out a poster.

Without wasting any time I punched him in the face, mashing the poster into his nose. Apparently he wasn’t alone and his three companions stood up from a nearby table.

“Don’t even bother getting up,” I tell the men at the table.

Rand, in an attempt to prevent an all out brawl, dropped a sleep spell on the table. Several patrons collapsed, but the three men were of stronger stuff than the average bar patron.

They stood up and two of them made their way over to confront me. I punched one of them, busting his face in, but it didn’t take him down. He then recognized me and they drew their swords. This was no longer a bar brawl.

Jared stepped up and tried to gnaw one of the men accosting me, but was quickly tackled by a third from the table. The last guy flipped up the table and hid behind it. I started hacking the men apart, Rand got into a better position and Ashen tried to mow them down but his gun jammed.

Jared was unable to break free from the guy who had tackled him, and was then pinned helplessly to the ground. The fight went on and I was suddenly held by the cleric. Rand blasted the guy pinning Jared, but didn’t kill him. Ashen was able to clear his gun then blow away one of the men attacking him.

The battle raged around me. Ashen gunned down the guy stabbing Jared to death when I finally was released from my magical prison. I leapt at the cleric and started chopping him apart. Rand blasted him with a magic missile to take down. Then another well placed magic missile killed the last bounty hunter.

Ashen was not interested in going through the bounty hunters’ belongings, but Jared was resolute.

“Melty hands make short work,” Ashen said with a shrug.

We quickly made our way out of town and setup camp.

– Day Passes –

We continued on, looking for a trail we could pick up that would lead us to Rickman, the bandit leader we let go so long ago. Ashen was able to find a trail that might be that of someone on horseback. We started following it, but lost it after a while. Rand went off to relieve himself and just happened to find the trail again.

We followed the trail further into the woods when Ashen suddenly found a trap in our way. Jared, quick with a bomb, was able to disarm it without blowing it up. The trap was not lethal, just a noise maker to alert someone of intruders.

With that, we decided it was time to find out what we were up against. Ashen suggested we sneak up to the camp. I suggested he go ahead and I would follow him in five minutes, or if I heard him screaming. I waited with Rand and Jared while Ashen scoped out the camp.

After a few minutes we headed in.

Rickman spotted us as we were heading down the trail and turned to flee.

“Hey! We just want to talk!” I shouted to him.

After a brief discussion we convinced him to stay and talk with us. He wanted to see the bounty we had brought with us and requested we send Keri to hand it over. Jared vehemently disagreed with this plan and we sent Priest in his stead.

“I thought you were working for Widesman,” Rickman said upon looking over the bounty.

“The enemy of our enemy maybe doesn’t suck so bad,” Rand explained to him.

We talked some more, trying to figure out what Rickman might know that would make Widesman want him dead. We were able to convince him to lay out the history between Widesman and himself. After a long talk Rickman finally gave us something to go on.

“I didn’t think much of it at a time, but we had to deliver looted caravans to a manor on Windmere Lake on a couple of occassions,” he said. “We were ordered to go there and given a different password for the gate. We took the caravan in, and left it there. Those were the only caravans we didn’t get a cut of, and we couldn’t look in them. Since we were well compensated we didn’t bother looking either.”

“The two times this happened were almost exactly six months apart,” he went on. “There would probably be another shipment in a month if it’s on a schedule.”

We found out the caravans had been shipped by Felstad’s company. Nothing about the caravan was different, no extra men.

With that information, we decided we would continue on to the City of the Dead. Averting global disaster sounds like a better use of our time. We traveled for several days until we saw a wisp of smoke rising from the mountains beyond.

We pressed on and eventually came to the foothills. There was a cabin, from which the smoke was rising. Next to the cabin was a cave.

Jared was quick to knock on the door. When nobody answered he Jared reached for the knob to open it, but I batted his hand away. The door creaked open and I grabbed Jared by the collar to keep him from rushing in.

Behind the door was a wizened old man Rand recognized.

“Zebo?” Rand asked.

It turns out it was the old alchemist Rand had found while searching for information on the City of the Dead. However, Zebo was decades older. He invited us in to catch up. It was a rather confusing discussion. Our best guess was we had stepped through time somehow and landed in the future.

I asked him about the cave, as all the talk of time jumping was a bit much for me to process. Zebo had planned to explore the cave and arrived about 20 years prior. He had help bring out his supplies, then his expedition went in, but never returned. They disappeared about 13 years ago. He and two others of the expedition were left, but the other two finally decided to leave about three years ago and never returned.

We decided to take a rest in the cabin.

– Day Passes –

In the morning, Ashen decided to have eggs and it just so happened there were fresh ones in the pantry.

We then headed into the cave.

After about twenty minutes of walking the cave opened up into a larger room. The room appeared to end at the edge of a cliff, but it turned out we were looking down upon a city.

I decided to drop a coin into the hole, flipping it into the middle of the hole in the wall. The first one went straight into the city. I dropped another down the side of the wall and it rolled to a stop.

Jared was quick to hop in. The rest of us climbed over with the safety of a rope.

We then started walking along the ceiling of the dome as it curved down to the city above our heads.



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