Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Five for Dinner

In which we get cooked, then cooked for.

Jared was blown to smithereens, but the rest of us took minimal damage.

Keri quickly channeled energy to heal us. Rand inspected the driver of the wagon and it turned out to be Alissa from the clerk’s artist. Keri healed everyone again and kept her from dying. Black powder must have caused the explosion.

After we escape from the burning warehouse Alissa awakes. Turns out she was kidnapped and placed on the wagon. We took her home and headed over to Felstad’s place.

Once there, Felstad didn’t answer the door, so I busted it in. We made our way up to his apartment and I kicked that door in as well. Inside we made our way into the bedroom and didn’t find him. The next room was a kitchen. Finally, we came to an office which looked like someone had cleared out very quickly. Fortunately, we found scraps of paper left behind in a waste basket.

“34” “mis” “ay” “ore” “w” “ty” “e” “71” “nt”

As we were pouring over the scraps of paper the town watch entered. We placed our weapons on the ground and agreed to turn ourselves in on charges of breaking and entering. Graddick and Keri got into a small disagreement about what to do with Toad, but Graddock eventually relented and put Toad back down.

We were placed in a cell and Keri was taken away for questioning. Keri was grilled about what he does and was asked for references. He told the watch we were checking on Felstad because we were afraid he was in danger. He let a little white lie slip, but his conscience got the best of him and he amended his story to include the explosion.

“And then you rummaged around in his living quarters?”

“Mmm hmm,” grunted Keri.

When asked for a leader of the group, Keri told him he obviously wasn’t it.

They then took me in for questioning, which was fairly routine.

Rand was then taken. When asked his name, watch recognized his father’s name. He turned over the name Remus Fitz. He then recounted our daring adventures at length to the watch. With no prompting he spilled out everything we had done up until that point.

“Is there a ringleader?”

“A ringleader implies criminal activity, so I’d say there isn’t one,” Rand replied.

Graddick was then taken in and immediately confronted with resisting arrest. He tried to explain how Toad is his “pet.” The watch took a hard tack with him and really tried to pry out some details about what we’re doing and who we’re working for.

“Who is in charge?”

“You know, I’m starting to question that. Arnok’s will is what we do,” Gradlock eventually concluded.

He backed up Keri’s sentiment of alerting the authorities. Then he continued on with our story of how we found the papers and kept rambling about how we could have stolen everything from Felstad.

Finally, Jared was taken in. His brotherly relationship with Keri came up immediately. His occupation as Mad Barry’s apprentice cast a poor color upon his character. He then talked about bombs and was taken for a full cavity search.

They then came back for me. I told them I was employed by Jared and they sent me back in order to speak with him again.

Jared started going on about the duergar we might take on.

“The duergar may have stuff that I want!” Jared exclaimed.

“Stuff that you want?” the watch murmered.

Jared then passed the leadership icon over to Keri. They tossed him back in the cell and we spent the rest of the night in lock-up.

- Day Passes -

In the morning we were let go. Rand received a message from his father expressing his disappointment.

We made our way over to a cartographer’s in order to search for a map. Rand went back with the cartographer to look for a Misty Way, possibly in Oregent. After a search through their archives he was able to locate Misty Way in the city. Looks like we’ll be on our way after Felstad.

We then decided to walk to Oregent as we were a bit low on funds and couldn’t afford enough horses to get there. I threw my armor into the mule’s pack.

The first night a wolf leapt out of the darkness and narrowly missed me. My startled yell awoke my companions, and we fought off the beasts.

- Day Passes -

We made our way or Oregent and found an inn to stay at.

- Day Passes -

In the morning we made our way out into town in order to look for the address we got from the papers. We started our way from 11000 Misty Way and headed toward 7000 or 3000. As we made our way through town the buildings became much fancier and opulent. We hit 7134 which was a walled in property with a gate.

Gladloc made his way over to some of the locals to inquire about the address we were at. They were not very helpful, other than it was likely a residence of someone here. Gaddrock then stuck Toad through the gate and reported a sense of awe. Eventually we find out Mr. Widesman lives in the house from passersby.

We then made our way to 3471, which was a nice house with not wall or gate. Keri knocked at the door while I went around back. An elderly woman answered the door, Ms. Buchanan. Her husband works in the mayor’s office.

We decided the more opulent residence was more likely our target. Graddink and Rand made off to find the merchant’s guild to find information about Felstad. I stayed with the brothers and watched over the house. Grabbock picked up a trail that led back to Olfden, which wasn’t leading anywhere. They then started asking about Remus Fitz, but to no avail.

There was no activity at the house, but a wagon pulled up as we were watching. We tailed the wagon for a bit. They work for Rackman Inc. We slipped 10gp to the wagon driver in exchange for the order.




Deliver to: Mr. Widesman

Rand was sent in to speak with Rackman Inc. He was unable to get any information about Felstad, but was able to confirm the delivery to Widesman. Much discussion ensued.

We eventually decided to speak with the Watch first. Keri asked for the captain and was rebuffed, but Lt. Albertson would be able to assist us. We wait for 35 minutes for the lieutenant to meet with us. Upon saying we were from Olfden he escorted us to a quiet room to take our statement. Grabok went through the long and entire history of our situation. Lt. Albertson was intrigued by the tale and would have an investigator dispatched to the residence.

Keri and I stayed outside the house, but no investigators showed up.

- Day Passes-

Mid-morning, watchmen make their way to the gate while Keri and I sleep for a bit. They were in the house for close to an hour and left. Eventually the Watch shows up at our door to deliver an invitation from Mr. Widesman for dinner.

We were let into the gate for dinner.

“Five for dinner. Excelsior,” the servant muttered.

We waited in the dinner and once dinner was served Felstad entered the room. We sat for dinner with Felstad/Widesman, but only Rand and Gladik ate with him.

Rand put the question to him about putting Alissa in danger, and he said she was a pawn.

The choice he posed to us was to a) run for our lives, b) do a job for him, or c) suffer the consequences.

After further discussion, we agreed to do the job. We were escorted out.



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