Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Funny Happenings in the Warehouse

In which we pick up a thread of conspiracy.

Resupplied, bought a mule.

Inquiring about bandits that are ambushing merchant’s wagons. Precious metals, gems. Inside job? Probably not, fired entire staff and has all new employees. Manifest is filed with the city, but other merchants have been targeted. Bandits seem to have deep numbers, and overwhelm the guards that are assigned to shipments.

Alissa files a manifest that we will be delivering gems, platinum, and other materials. Will be shipped the next day.

- Day Passes -

Rand was stowed in the wagon, a clever ruse.

As we traveled, something attempted to grab Jared!

Bandits charge out of the woods!

We dispatch the bandits, and Graddock charms one of them to glean some information. Who’s the boss? Rickman. He leads the band of bandits, there are about 12 of them, but we’ve killed five. Once we found out where the bandits were at, I figured we’d gotten enough out of the bandit that had been charmed and knocked him unconscious. We then donned the bandits’ cloaks and made our way to their camp.

We made our way up a path to the top of a small plateau. Two guards were standing outside a rickety gate. Rand attempted to bluff our way in, but the guards were skeptical so he blasted them with burning hands and we leapt into action.

We slew them and only Rickman was left saddling his horse.

I told him to stand down, and he stepped away from the horse.

“What are you doing here?” asked Keri.

We bantered a bit, but Rickman had information we could use about how they were getting information on the wagons. After much discussion, we let him go, but we did come away with the name of his contact, Remus Fitz, and the location and time of his next meet.

We returned to the merchant, Felstan, to report the news and return his gold.

We then rested and prepared for the meet.

- Day Passes -

I spent my day staking out the warehouse, but nothing of note happened. Everyone else spent their time scouring for information on Remus Fitz.

Graddock made his way around town trying to track down Fitz, but came up with nothing.

That night Jared picked the lock and we waited within for Fitz to show up. Jared posed as the bandit leader.

Just before midnight, a wagon enters the warehouse and we all wait in suspense to see if the ruse works. Jared waves to the cart as it enters.

Then nothing.

Jared waits.

Finally, Jared moves toward the wagon and gets right next to it. He sees the driver’s hands are tied.




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