Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Into the Bowels of the Vault

In which we discover a new world of pain thanks to a rainbow of gems.

We started walking from the factory back to the Vault. Jared was consumed with getting Keri back from the machine men. Nothing we said would sway him to work with us to keep his brother alive. He finally sprouted a tumor familiar and sent it to get in touch with his brother. Unfortunately, the windows were not open for it to fly into. As it was flying to the factory it spied a large eyeball heading toward us.

The eyeball came into view of us, carrying a box somehow.

“What’s in the box?” Jared cried.

I opened the box with my sword and found a red velvet lining inside. There was something in the box covered by cloth and a piece of parchment.

The parchment carried a missive from Rigmar telling us he was convinced by Keri that our cause was just. I received a belt, Priest a stone, Rand a bracers and rod, and Jared an amulet.

We donned our new gear and proceeded on to the Vault.

Zeebo and his grandson were there to meet us. We showed him the key we had obtained and he gave us a purple cylinder.

“To enter the home of the Cradle, you will need four cylinders; purple, blue, orange, and red,” Zeebo told us.

Before entering the Vault we took a rest for the casters to recuperate.

- Day Passes -

After our brief respite we entered the Vault. As the door opened the corridor ahead of us lit up with floating globes of light. We then entered a large circular chamber with a pedestal in the center of the room with four recesses that would fit the cylinders we had. There were a series of glyphs which Rand translated: Honesty, Compassion, Wisdom, and Bravery. There were no other doors leading out of the room.

Jared and I were all about putting a cylinder into the pedestal. He slotted the blue cylinder into Honesty and the room began to rotate. The spinning stopped after a minute, and the entryway was no longer there; it had been replaced by another hallway.

We had a plan, Rand pulled out a piece of chalk and wrote “Blue – Honesty” in the hallway that had opened. We pulled the cylinder out and the room spun again. Jared and I walked out and verified we had the exit and Rand marked it accordingly.

We then placed the blue cylinder back in, and Rand and I noticed the room was spinning and moving down. Our writing was still there, so we headed down the hall.

The hall was rather short and ended with a door. We opened the door and entered a room lit up by more glowing globes. In the middle of the room was a palette of adamantine bars, which I promptly loaded into the portable hole to bring back to Rigmar.

Jared kept searching the vault, but didn’t find anything else of note.

We headed back and placed the blue cylinder into Bravery. The room then started rotating again and the passage that opened up was marked with “Blue Bravery”.

The door at the end of the hall was “75”.

Jared decided now was a good time to just throw the door open and within was a large animated cat skeleton belching smoke out of its eyes from the furnace from within its ribs.

Jared immediately went down as the cats barreled him over. We backed down the corridor and after a fierce battle, we were able to take the cats down.

The room looked exactly like the room with the adamantine bars, but it was empty save for a pair of nests for the fire cats.

Next up was Blue Compassion. We headed down and were blasted by spined balls which had been carved from rock. It was rather painful, but all right. The door at the end of the hall was “97”. I opened the door and the floor fell out from beneath us. I managed to jump away, but Jared tumbled to the bottom twenty feet below. I tried to leap over, but crashed to the bottom. Jared finished up his jumping extract and tossed it to Rand, who was able to leap over and send down a rope.

Priest waited on the other side while we checked on the chests within.

Jared made his way to the first chest. Jared was immediately sprayed by acid.

Jared moved to the next chest. Jared was immediately sprayed by acid.

Priest made his way over after I unsuccessfully opened a chest. After he failed we begged Rand to come back over and try to open a chest. He caved in, and was sprayed by acid and failed to open the chest.

We called it quits and headed back out.

Back to the main room and we moved the blue cylinder to Wisdom which took us to a door labeled “39”.

In the middle of the room was a box that had several rods sticking in it, one of them was onyx.

Jared and I were arguing over what to do, but Rand marched straight in and pulled out the onyx rod.

Back to the hub and we put the purple cylinder in Honesty.

“You can’t just cram two rods into one hole,” Jared mused as we talked about getting the rods together.

The next room contained a chest behind a waterfall. I reached through the water and pulled the chest into the pool. Once it was out I opened it up and found lava within. Rand stepped up and reached his hand into the chest, which was mind-boggling and pulled out an egg. We debated what to do with this egg; Jared wanted to smash the egg, Rand wanted to keep it, Priest wasn’t sure, and I wanted to put it into the hole.

We decided to place the egg in the water to see if something would happen. I placed the egg in the hole and pushed the chest back under the waterfall.

Purple Compassion.

The door was unnumbered. Behind the door was a large slumbering chimera. The beast blasted us with lightning, but didn’t take any of us out. I leaped into the room to try and mitigate the amount of damage it could do with lightning. Jared charged in to strike at the monster.

Jared was immediately attacked by the creature’s three heads and two claws.

Priest ran in to heal us, and we were promptly blasted with another lightning strike.

In the end, Jared went down right before the chimera was killed by Rand.

We picked up the orange cylinder that was hanging behind the chimera to complete the set.

We decided to go back to the Blue Compassion treasure room before resting. Rand set us up on acid resistance. After being extremely prepared, we managed to open a chest, only to see them all disappear.

- Day Passes -

Purple Wisdom.

Another unnumbered door. Jared heard the sound of rocks smashing the floor. Within the room was a pair of rock trolls.

The blocked off the hallway and we started pounding on them. After they went down the first time they crawled back to their feet and continued to pitch rocks at us, knocking Jared to his feet. I stepped up and downed a potion after Rand blasted them with his last fireball. Once Jared got back up he recalled that rock trolls need to be hit with acid.

Purple Bravery

The door here said “Headquarters”.

“Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you,” a woman’s voice called from behind the door.

Behind the door was a woman sitting behind the desk. Jared and I stepped into the room while the spell casters stayed in the hall. We tried to coax them into the room, but they would not come in.

“What are you doing in this room?” Jared inquired.

“She’s not human!” Rand called after us.

Rand was stubbornly waiting in the hall, but something lulled him in.

“So, seeking the red cylinder is why you have come to see me?” the snake woman inquired.

In order to get information the snake lady wanted something in trade; part of someone’s soul.

After I offered up my soul in exchange for the cylinder, she then offered to tell us how to get to the Cradle.

I then took the cylinder and gave up part of my soul. I was a bit exhausted after giving up my soul. I then headed out and stopped back in the pedestal room with all the cylinders.

We started running through the orange cylinder slots, but no doors were revealed.

The red cylinder spun the room for a very long time and eventually took us to a long dark and dusty passageway. The door at the end of the hall was all iron and was dented from the inside out. Jared heard muffled sounds from within.

- Day Passes -

It was time to slot all four cylinders

Blue Honesty

Orange Compassion

Purple Wisdom

Red Bravery

As Rand placed the final cylinder in all four of them sunk into the pedestal. The room began to spin, sending us further and further down at a much faster pace. After thirty minutes of descent we came to the bottom where the hallway that was revealed was made of a gleaming metal.

We headed down the hall, the spellcasters waiting a distance behind us. The hallway emptied into a large room with an altar on a dais. The room was larger than the pedestal, about 100’ in diameter.

Jared and I approached the altar which was covered in runes that were indecipherable to us. Rand followed us in and magicked up a comprehension of the runes. It was a history of the city Estendel and how they thought the Cradle would bring about a golden age.

As Rand was reading we heard a familiar voice coming from the hallway. Zeebo was there at the entryway and he morphed into Tristan Corvair. He laughed as he sent his minions in so he would be able to bring the Cradle to the altar.



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