Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Of Robots and Little Brothers

In which Jared nearly dies of panic and me stabbing him in the face.

We traveled through the city, past the ruins of buildings when we came upon an immaculate factory. Time had not touched this structure and its large windows glistened in the unnatural light. A fence lined the perimeter and was still standing solidly.

The rest of the group started looking about while I stood at the gate with my hand on my sword, waiting for something to come out to greet us. It didn’t take long, there were several metal dogs within the fence growling at us.

We made our way to one of the gates and there was a bell for us to ring. I decided to just give it a whirl and pulled the rope to ring it. Shortly after, a metal man with smoke billowing from his eye sockets approached the gate, flanked by the dogs.

“What do you want, fleshbags?” the metal man inquired.

“We are looking for Rigmar,” Priest said.

“The lord and master of creation? It is blasphemy to speak his name,” the metal man said.

After some talking, it turns out Rigmar had transcended flesh to become a metal man himself. We would not be able to see him unless we transcended ourselves. We excused ourselves to converse with our friends.

Jared, obviously, wanted to become a golem.

We went back and called the metal envoy back over.

“I want to know what is involved for transcendence,” Jared told the metal man. He tried to convince him to let us in so he could inspect his metal body, but nothing seemed to work. I finally suggested Jared just go in and become a metal construct, which he enthusiastically agreed to.

Once the metal man opened the gate I rushed through and tried to smash his face in, but the man was tougher than he looked. The dogs flanked me and the man started bashing me with his fists. I managed the trip the metal man as the magical backup ran off. Unfortunately, the metal man just turned into a whirling mass of blades and bits on the ground. Jared dropped a bomb on him, but was unable to run away fast enough while I danced lightly back.

Rand ran off to pull the bell on the other gate, not exactly sure why. Jared and I continued to flee from the whirling mass of metal, bonding over his wonderful use of bombs.

The metal man then grabbed Jared after a pair of attacks, and then pierced him with surprise blades from his chest. Jared then hung from the man’s arms as he continued to get murdered. Jared was flung away, and I managed to get another blow in on the creature to smash him to bits.

Then he blew up, and knocked Jared close to death again.

After a bit of rest, we proceeded into the factory entering a large reception area. I walked over to the desk, curious to see if there was a directory of where to find things in the factory.

We decided it would be best to find a quiet room to rest in, so we decided to head off to one of the halls. The first door we tried opened to a bathroom, where we decided to rest for a few hours.

- Day Passes -

We then moved across the hall to the door where Jared had heard scampering feet. It was an empty bathroom.

We turned the corner and saw a large room, well lit from the large windows. There were more stairs in the back, leading to a balcony that surrounded the perimeter of the room. I stepped into the room which was filled with long work tables filled with machines in various states of construction. There were two long tables in the middle lined with body parts that were decaying away.

Jared was thrilled by the body parts.


Several automatons came to life as I walked into the room. A pair were bulky, as if I had been turned into one of them. The other three in the back of the room were tall and spindly, almost spiderlike with a greenish glow emanating from the liquid transistors on its back.

The automatons came at us, the first tossing a freezing blast at Jared and me. Jared lobbed a bomb back, somehow hitting his target, then ran back down the hall away from the machines.

We backed into the hall and Jared and I decided it was time to block things up. They automatons came after us and we ate our enlarge extracts. We closed off the hall, keeping the healer and mage safe.

I pulled the enormous great axe out of the portable hole and after one poor swing I connected with the massive automaton, splitting it in two.

Jared went down shortly after as the large automaton in front of him pounded away with bombing backup. Priest kept doing his thing, while Rand rained more magic down on him.

After an exciting battle, in which I actually smote several creatures, we pinned the last bomb automaton in the bathroom and Rand shocked it out of functionality.

We then took a rest so the healer and mage could regain their abilities.

- Day Passes -

We proceeded up the balcony, the axe stowed safely away in my portable hole. Up on the second floor was a door that lead into another set of offices.

In the office were several automatons working away at the tables writing something in a language we did not understand. Rand, with assistance of a spell, was able to read the work. It turns out the machines were transcribing ancient books, science, math formulas and all sorts of other things.

Double doors stood at the end of the office, which were locked. Jared unlocked the first set of doors, but a second set behind those eluded his skills. I knocked on the door, per Priest’s request.

A clockwork gnome opened the door and within was an enormous mechanical creature, Rigmar.

“Why did you break into my house and destroy my creations?” the massive automaton asked us.

After telling the creature what we were there for the vault key, Rand proposed a deal. If there was something in the vault the automaton wanted we could fetch it for him. He would give us the key if we retrieved an onyx rod from the vaults, but we would have to leave Keri with him. This was a deal we would not agree to, at least Jared and I wouldn’t.

We gleaned some more information from Rigmar about the vault.

After talking it over, we decided the fate of the world was more important than any one of us. Jared, enraged by our decision charged Rand as the sorcerer cast a hold person spell on him. We tied him up, and then dragged him out.

We made our way to the vault, Jared cursing us the whole way from over my shoulder.



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