Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Slay the beast

In which we learn to appreciate good music, then totally kill a giant monster

We returned to town and reported to the mayor. He was well pleased and asked us to look over his nephew, a stinky half-orc.

After a bit of a rest we headed back to the hole.

The first thing we did was free the sphinx. Ashen, not his real name, was not happy about letting the beast go.

We then headed down the steps to face the beast below. As we passed the platform we defeated the ettin on we came to another door. After hearing nothing beyond it, I opened it up…

To wonderful music.

The room was brightly lit, though we couldn’t find the source of the light. Eventually, our ears started bleeding from the overwhelming beauty of the music.

Rand was able to start shaking the charm off, but couldn’t break free of it.

We wavered in ecstasy. Time slipped through the cracks of the walls, slithering through awareness. Music was all around, and music was wonderful.

Finally, Rand broke through the illusion.

The room was dark, filled with acrid smoke which was choking us to death. Rand plugged his ears and covered his mouth and came up with a plan. He threw a sleep spell at Jared, then at me. We started to wake up from the illusion. It was too late for Jared, however, as he collapsed to the ground overwhelmed from the noxious fumes.

Rand then successfully put me to sleep as Priest came back to reality. The two of them dragged me out of the room and Priest channeled energy to heal the group. Ashen was able to resist the music and we were all able to get out of the room.

After some discussion outside the room, we agreed that Jared could go back in after we faced down the beast.

We continued down and came upon yet another door. Nothing could be heard behind the door, so I opened it up. Within the room were four crypts lined up against the walls and an altar directly in front of us.

Jared and I attempted to move the lid off one. We were able to get it off enough for Jared to stick his head and his arm in. I slipped my sword in there to light it up and Jared jammed his head right in. There was something glittering in there, so Jared grabbed it and promptly stuck himself in the tomb. I was able to slide the cover off enough for him to get out and he came back with a necklace in his hands.

Finally, Jared found something. It was a necklace.

We moved onto the next crypt. Jared stuck his head into it and was promptly grabbed about the neck by a skeletal hand. He started screaming, probably just stuck again.

And then the crypts blew open and a shambling mess of flesh and bone lurched onto the floor, Jared in tow.

After a long fought battle we brought the golems down. Ashen stood his ground, blasting away with his musket. Jared and I maneuvered the other golem around and we were able to take it down without Jared being taken down.

And then we pulled the cover off the last tomb.

We then headed down to confront the beast.

At the bottom of the stairs was a room. In the room was darkness. In the darkness was a dragon.

The dragon was dead.

I walked into the room with my sword alight and approached the beast. The black dragon appeared to be dead, and as we inspected it a small back dragon leaped from the deep shadow and blasted acid down the hall upon everyone but me as I was standing at the corpse of the ancient beast.

Jared and Priest were incapacitated, but Priest stayed on his feet. Jared started the fight to stay alive, and I started moving about the battlefield.

The dragon charged past me, and I was able to get in a few hits on it. It made its way down the hall and nearly wiped out Priest again. Priest stood strong and threw a sanctuary around himself.

“You spawn of an egg sucking wurm, it’s time for you to die!” Rand screamed at it, blasting it in the face. He then bravely ran out of the hall, the dragon nipping at his heels.

So I went back after it, charging into the hall. I smashed the dragon, but didn’t take it down. It’s counter attack was enough to lay me low.

Without my defensive strength to stand between everyone and the dragon, the rest of the party dug deep to do as much damage as they could. Rand let loose with another electrical blast, and the dragon succumbed to the power.

The dragon horde wasn’t extensive, but we did find nearly 100,000 copper pieces, 2,000 gold pieces, 5 fire opals, and a portable hole. As we were digging through the room we found a door behind the corpse of the large dragon. Through the door was a library with rows and rows of books.

Many of the books were written in a very old version of common. It seems we had stumbled upon a historical record kept within a moldering, rotted pages. There was also a table in the center of the room with an even older book on it.

Take the cradle to its place of birth
Only there can destruction be wrought
Deep beneath the earth
Many battles have been fought
To bring the end of the Knights of Red
On this day will rise
The city of the dead

Upon further inspection we noticed a pedestal which must have been displaying something. Ashen was able to find evidence that someone had been in here within the last year from a slight disturbance of the dust.



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