Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

Snakes? Who cares?

In which we find out that there is such a thing as too much head

As we were walking through the town in the morning Keri spotted an old friend. We were then introduced to Priest and Chen. I asked Priest to weigh in on the duergar problem.

Much was discussed and we eventually began speaking about going back to kill Widesman.

We finally agreed to go speak with duergar and find out what they want to do with the amulet. Before doing that, we decided to take a rest in order to recover more from the outing at the cursed temple.

– Day Passes –

Morning broke and we headed off to see the duergar.

We arrived at the encampment and found they have been fortifying the camp. Stones and mortar have now been added to the camp. As we approached, the duergar hailed us.

“Have you returned what we seek?” the guard called.

“No, we need more information,” Jared tried to lie to him.

“Wait here,” he responded.

Jared quickly ate a mutagen and tried to stare down the other. The duergar returned with the leader of the clan we had been talking with. He and Jared sparred back and forth, but Jared was far outmatched. We then spun on our heels and were given the ultimatum to turn the amulet over.

We began discussing our options. We then decided to try and have a copy of it made by the local jeweler. The jeweler didn’t have any dwarven jewelry on hand. I got sick of the conversation and suggested we talk to the mayor’s office to rustle up some militia.

We met with the Mayor’s representative. I asked if we could rustle up the militia to wipe out the duergar. We were directed to speak with Major Greenway, the head of the town watch.

We met up with Major Greenway to speak to him about getting reinforcements. We were ushered into a room at the Watch.

“The duergar have threatened the town, and will sack it tomorrow night,” Jared told the man.

Jared spoke to the man about the amulet and managed to throw us in an incriminating light. Once Jared demanded we get reinforcements the man said he wouldn’t be able to authorize the action. We then left and headed back to the inn.

We finally came up with a plan. We would head back, tell the duergar to leave then send back an escort to obtain the amulet after breaking down their camp.

– Day Passes –

In the morning we prepared ourselves for the meeting with the duergar.

“Did you bring the amulet!” the guards shouted.

“Yes,” Priest told them and laid out our terms.

The guard left to go over our terms. The duergar agreed to send all but five from the camp. One of the dwarves moved in closer to inspect the amulet. After that, the dwarves ripped apart the camp. After an hour, most of the dwarves began heading west leaving a contingent of warriors to retrieve the amulet.

During the work we waited outside camp.

Once the majority of the dwarves were out of sight, we approached the warriors they left behind. I tossed the amulet at their feet.

“Would you share some of the wonders of the relic with us?” Priest asked.

The dwarf told us it was an important religious relic. As the dwarves marched off Chen noticed holes that had been left behind which had been recently excavated. I began uncovering them.

Once I had cleared enough rubble off I ventured into the hole. The rest of the group then followed me into the hole which headed off toward the town. We traveled for a long distance when suddenly Chen and Jared heard something in the tunnels which sounded like snakes.

I kept moving through the tunnel, who cares about a few snakes? What about a giant snake? How about a hydra with five heads?

I started chopping heads off, Chen punched it in the faces, Jared furiously started an fire and Priest kept us alive as we minced the hydra. We eventually got into a disassebly line and took it apart. We got it down to two heads when it finally got through Jared’s defenses and took him down. Priest stepped up and started burning the heads and we were able to defeat it.

Once I was able to take a good look at the area I noticed we were directly under town, thanks to my ability to determine where I was underground. The hydra would have been able to break out into town and kill everyone it came across. While I was scoping out the tunnel Chen noticed a shabby robe and a gemstone wrapped up within it. When Jared put the robe on he noticed it had undead figures stitched into it.

We made our way back to the beginning of the hole and rested up for a bit.

– Day Passes –



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