Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

The Cradle Comes Home

In which everything we knew comes to an end.

“Thank you so much, this was so much easier than if I had to find it on my own,” Tristan said.

Tristan and his minions charged into the room. Three humans in chain mail, flanked by a heavily armored half-orc lead the way in front of Tristan. He mumbled some words and the air shimmered around him.

Rand was about to blast them with a fireball, but realized Tristan had placed a lesser sphere of invulnerability which would nullify the spell. I moved up to get in a better position while Priest prepared Jared for the fight with a blessing of strength.

Tristan cast another spell and his minions grew to the size of ogres.

Rand blasted the enormous group with a fireball, engulfing Jared with it as well. I got in a quick hit and tried to keep myself between the casters and the beasts, but they snuck around to get at Priest who promptly put up his sanctuary. Jared started ripping apart the enemy in front of him.

Tristan maneuvered behind the half-orc, but the anti-magic field did not move with him. He then fired a scorching ray at Jared, who miraculously stayed on his feet.

Rand fired a scorching ray at the beast attacking Jared and he crashed to the ground. I attempted to knock the opponent down in front of me, but he withstood my assault and counter-attacked. I shrugged the blows off as Priest started making his way over to Jared.

Jared lobbed a bomb into the armored half-orc and the splash washed over Tristan who ignored it.

Tristan then dispelled Priest’s sanctuary which opened him up to a massive blow from the half-orc. Rand attempted to take down one of the humans, but I had to finish him off and step in next to Priest to protect him from the incoming attacks. Jared then came in to flank the large half-orc, which had the unfortunate effect of putting us in Tristan’s view.

Jared got hit by a slowing spell and the half-orc bashed him into the ground. I responded by tripping the half-orc and slashing him as he went down. The other human ran over to Rand to start pounding on our spellcaster and Priest slid over to heal Jared.

Tristan then blasted lighting through me, nearly killing me right there. The half-orc got to his feet, getting pounded by Jared and I. His attack almost finished me off, but I stayed on my feet for a bit longer.

Rand fired another blast at the human in front of him, frying him to death.

I ran past the half-orc, knocking him back to the ground giving Jared and I another chance to hit him while he was vulnerable.

Tristan fired a scorching ray at the two of us, taking Jared out and leaving me reeling, but standing.

Rand started blasting at the large half-orc and I moved out of his way so I could recover for a little bit. Tristan then summoned up a ring of fire to protect himself from any assault I could muster.

The half-orc turned his attention to Rand, but did not kill him with his first attack. Rand shocked him through the plate he was wearing and he collapsed.

It was time for Armageddon.

I ate the enlarging extract and pulled out the axe (3d6+10).

Tristan knew something big was coming and created a half-dozen duplicate images of himself. Priest, responding in kind, turned into an energy body. Jared, freshly healed, dragged himself behind the curtain, just in time to get webbed by Tristan.

I broke free of the web and charged at Tristan. My axe came bearing down on him and I connected with the real Tristan. Priest, still stuck in the web, started healing us up. The healing was very helpful as I was about to take a face-full of magic.

Tristan blasted me back into the webs with his powerful magics, but I was able to keep from getting stuck. Rand fired another salvo of missiles into Tristan, destroying the other images he had created.

Another blast of lightning laid Jared and I low, but we stood strong against it. I followed up on Tristan as he tried to escape and knocked him back down. Priest and Jared were able to break out of the web, in order to heal me back up. I was quickly blasted down by the caster, and got to experience combat from Jared’s perspective. At this point, I became the sponge for damage while Jared tried to recuperate from the slow effect he had been placed under.

We started working on him, hoping to take him down before we ran out of power.

In a final attack he blasted himself with a fireball. The blast knocked the spellcasters unconscious, but Jared and I stayed on our feet.

The cradle dropped from Tristan’s charred hands and all we saw was a blinding whiteness.



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