Pathfinder - Origin of the Merchant King

The spinx's riddle

In which we solve a riddle and battle the elements

We rested in the room we slew the ogres in.

– Day passes –

There was a large door leading out of the room which was composed of iron and other materials. Jared attempted to open the lock up so we could get the chain off, but was unsuccessful. I attempted to slice the chain in twain, but could not. Without a mark on the chain we decided to head down the open hallway.

At the end of the hall we encountered a double door. Jared noticed nothing extraordinary about the door and there was no keyhole to peek through, so I kicked the door in.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to surprise the orcs on the other side. They rushed in and bashed us before we were readied. They even had a spellcaster to back them up, and he blasted me in the face.

I ran one through with my sword, but the others that were left pounded Jared into unconsciousness. Priest was able to bring him back into the battle with a cure. Jared mowed down on more mutagens and stood back up, swatting attacks away as he regained his feet. I ran another orc through and Rand melted away the spellcaster’s skin.

The spellcasters began slinging at each other, Rand was backpedaling from the counter attack.

Priest stepped back into cover and began channeling to save us.

The other spellcaster then retreated to some slumbering beast, in the hopes that it would protect him. I was having none of that, so I charged him and ran him through as he attempted to wake the creature.

Jared wiped out the last orc and we had the opportunity to see what the creature was; a sphinx.

“You’ve killed the vermin,” the sphinx said, opening its eyes.

Behind the sphinx was a shimmering wall of energy concealing a staircase leading down. It was chained to the wall with the same material we encountered at the door.

We spoke with the creature, and it informed us the girl we were here to rescue was down the stairs behind the energy.

“There were two keys made to enter the barrier,” the sphinx told us. “One is Mal’s, the other is under my protection. If you are smart enough I will give you what you need to start your journey. Are you smart enough?”

I welcome the day with a show of light
I stealthily came here in the night
I bathe the earthly stuff at dawn
But by the noon, alas, I’m gone

“Is it dew?” Jared asked.

“It is. You are smarter than you look. This will unlock the chamber from whence you came,” the beast said and tossed us a key.

We made our way back, opened the door and headed down the hall. It opened up into a room with a dirt floor. Jared and I walked in as Priest and Rand watched skeptically from the hall.

Suddenly earth elementals sprang from the floor.

The creatures pounded on us and I nearly succumbed to their initial onslaught. I withstood the, wiped one out and moved into a better position. Unfortunately, Rand blasted a few of them with burning hands and hit me with it as well. The creatures then attacked me again and brought me down. Jared then went to town and started taking out the elementals.

Priest laid out a timely channel, and Rand blasted the elementals. Jared then finished off the last of the dust monsters.

We got our bearings, and a mound of dirt rose up with a yellow stone upon it. Rand snatched it up and we then healed up with Priest’s help.

The hallway leading out took us to a crossroads, each ending with a door. We proceeded down the hall to the door. Jared listened at the door and upon hearing nothing I kicked it in revealing a room with hot coals on the floor and three fire mephits.

Jared sprang into action and charged into the room, somewhat recklessly. The mephits attacked Jared while one of them charged the rest of us and blew fire down the hall. Jared continued ripping apart the mephits, the other started funneling down toward us. Steam started blasting us out of the hall and the other mehpit created another little friend made of molten rock, lava if you will.

Since we would be filling up the hall with mephits I stood my ground and started working on the steam mephit in front of me.

The lava mephit then melted into a pool and slid toward me down the hall. The steam mephit then blasted the spell casters, catching Priest off guard, and I cut it out of existence. The magma elemental then slid by me and made his way toward the spell casters.

Jared was then taken down shortly after his vomit swarm was activated. Then up. Then down. Then up. Then down.

I finally killed one of the mephits and got into the room.

Priest then stepped up and channeled more energy to get Jared back into the fray. Jared and I started killing off the mephits. Once we were down to a single mephit, Jared ran into the hall to get away from the mephits. Rand dazed the final mephit, Priest laid guidance upon me, and I destroyed the creature.

After the fight, Priest turned into a being of energy and we healed ourselves. We collected the red gem revealed in the room and took a rest.

– Day passes –

In the morning we headed down another hall. Jared heard “wooshing” coming from behind the door and I promptly kicked it in.

Behind the door were two air elementals. Rand armored up with mage armor, then I sprang in to attempt to attack one of the elementals. After a timely blessing from Priest, Jared moved in to attack another elemental. The two of us started hacking at the air about us while the spell casters stayed safely back in the hall.

One of the elementals turned into a whirlwind, engulfing Jared. He was then taken along for a ride as it sucked me up as well. The other elemental headed down the hall and started working on the spell casters, but Rand struck first with a shocking grasp.

We continued to be spun around within the other elemental, hearing Rand destroy the elemental he was facing down.

The elemental the threw Jared and I as it turned back into its normal form, then it struck me a mortal blow and I was staggered. Fortunately, Priest was able to heal me quickly and we finished the elemental off. Another gem was recovered and we regrouped for the last room.

I kicked the door in to reveal a large beast within. There was a shallow pool in the room containing a large water elemental. Jared and I were able to get it into a good position and started beating down on it. Rand and Priest supported us from the hall as we cut it apart. The beast then opened up on Jared and dazed him, but he was still on his feet and was able to eat a healing extract.

We continued battering away at the creature. Jared was then taken down a second time. Then, after several more rounds of attacking, I finally dispatched the elemental.

We collected the last gem and sat down for a rest.

– Day passes –



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